Castlevania SOTN, Tekken Tag 2, Left 4 Dead 2 & Halo Wars Xbox Backwards Compatibility Listings Leaked


UPDATE: Red Dead Redemption has also been listed on the marketplace as well as Bomberman Live, Geometry Wars 2 and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Shout out to EvilBoris.

UPDATE 2: It appears the games are no longer available to download and if already installed on your console require an update which does not work. Its rumored they still work offline however, it looks like we will have to wait until the games become officially available.

We’ve talked a lot about Xbox One’s Backward Compatibility feature since it was announced last Summer from the preview program all the way up to last month’s list of games released. Going back to last month, Xbox stated that they would no longer be releasing games on backwards compatibility as a bundled monthly release and would start releasing titles to the public when they were ready. Earlier today, while snooping around for news on the feature on when the next game or set of games would be released I ran across some interesting sights within the Xbox Store…


That’s right, I located listings for 4 Xbox 360 titles, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Left 4 Dead 2, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Halo Wars, 3 of which have yet to be announced for the service. Which brings me to my question, WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THESE NOW? I know what you are gonna answer with, “It’s because they might not be completely ready for public consumption” which could be true, however, I was able to download and test one of the games and i’ll let you judge for yourself on quality with the video below.

So with this game running as smooth as the 360 title (minus the minor hiccup) the question remains, “Why is this not available to download publicly?” This runs 8 million times better than Halo Reach and that made it to the masses. I doubt that Symphony of the Night takes much tweaking for emulation. So that now raises the question on what Xbox means by games becoming available when ready. The main reason for this article is to hopefully shine a light on the subject and help speed things a long. If quality is such a concern, maybe they should include preview members to test out games (that might be a thing already but i’m just covering all bases here). Anyways, let me stop rambling. Microsoft we just wan’t X1’s Backwards Compatibility to shine and not be forgotten like it was on 360.




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